Tammy has been ranching and riding horses her whole life. Tammy has a unique way handling and communicating with a horse. Unlike many, she has a great ability to teach this method to others.

Tammy Pate and her husband Curt Pate have been long time friends of Kent, so he wanted to add her saddle to the Frecker’s Saddle line up.

Tammy’s saddle has a 3″ x 3 1/2″ Guadalajara style horn, a 4″ tall by 12 1/2″ oval cantle, a cheyenne roll, and stainless steel flat plate rigging.

It is available in a wider gullet to fit quarterhorse type backs or narrower for thoroughbred type. Seat length can be anywhere from 14-16½” and stirrup length we will match to fit your inseam. 

Learn more about Tammy On her Website at www.tammypate.com

Watch: Tammy Pate’s Wade Saddle

Roughout: $5,800

Pictures Coming Soon!

Quarter Breed: $7,100