Return Policy | Custom Made Saddles

Thank you for choosing to purchasing your saddle from Frecker’s Saddlery. appreciate the time you have taken to research us out and place your confidence in Frecker’s Saddlery.

After receiving your custom made saddle, from Frecker’s Saddlery you will have three days to look it over carefully, compare with your work sheet, and make sure we have done everything we agreed on. Contact us with any discrepancies you may find.

Included with your saddle is a light clean saddle blanket. This is to be used on your horse for the first few short rides to see how your saddle is fitting. When your saddle is new the sheep skin lining has not yet been matted down, and the leather is not broke in or loosened up, so when using a heavier pad the saddle will look as though the saddle is too narrow. After a few short rides you will notice the saddle has settled down and can then determine the proper fit.
The blanket is yours to keep as a gift from us. Also for the first few rides keep your saddle clean. Try wrapping the stirrup fenders an stirrups with plastic wrap or vet wrap, no tape. Do not wear new jeans, because the color will stain the leather and will not come out. Don’t wear old chaps or have pens, combs, or rhinestone studs in the back pockets. Scuffs, dirt, or stains makes it no longer able to sell as a new saddle. If the weather is bad or other inconveniences that may come up that will not allow you to do this in the three day allotment, please still contact us so we can make other arrangements.

I stand behind our saddles 100%. If there is anything not right with the saddle and it is from our doing, we will fox it, refund your money, or remake the saddle as soon as possible. If you feel there is something not right with the saddle please come to us for guidance. I have been doing this for over 30 years studying the horses back and making trees that fit horses. I have spent years in the saddle riding on all kinds of terrain, and doing all kinds of work. I have studied with some of the best horsemen and women to create a ground seat that is comfortable and balances you with your horse. I have worked with the best of saddlemakers to learn saddle construction and rigging placement.I feel qualified to determine the proper fit for you and your horse. If you want to return the saddle, and we have done all that you agreed on, here are a couple of things you can do:

  1. Send the saddle back at your cost and we will make any changes you want at your cost.
  2. We can sell the saddle for you at a 20% commission, 10% commission if you are having another saddle remade.
    We want you to be completely happy with your saddle purchase, and continue doing business with us we will do all we can to make things right for you.